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Eric Lee's Homepage
Emigrant Wilderness

Eric Lee's Homepage

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Race Resume

While I've been hiking and climbing for many years, my running career has been a short and intense one. I ran cross country during high school (1996-1999), though only part-time. Through college I ran sporadically, competing in a few local 5K races. During the summer of 2005 I met a man named Jeff Kozak, a cook and ultra runner at the Rock Creek Lodge in the Eastern Sierras. Jeff introduced me to the fantastic world of ultra trail running, something that greatly intrigued me. Ultra marathoning combines long distance hiking with trail running, taking athletes through forests, over mountains and through some of the most beautiful terrain the world has to offer. In 2006 I began training for my first 50mile race, the Bishop High Sierra 50miler, running a mixture of trails, roads, and beaches locally around San Diego. With the assistance of the McNew clan and the wonderful participants of the BHS50 I completed my first ultra marathon, and have been hooked since!

Now I regularly compete in ultramarathons throughout the Western US, but my true love still lies in the mountains. Heading out on long mountain runs, up 14ers, along 3 day backpacking routes, and into the depths of the wilderness. The past few years I have learned about my personal training regimen, proper hydration, salt intake, fueling, keeping my body healthy and pacing for races of all distances.

Personal Records

5K: 19min5sec, 2005 La Jolla Shores 5K
10K: 48min41sec, 2008 Crazy Legs 10K+
Half Marathon: 1h30min38sec, 2006 La Jolla Half Marathon
Marathon: 3h49min, 2009 24h of Boulder (on the way to 64miles)
50K: 4h46min, 2007 Greenland 50K
50miles: 7h29min7sec, 2013 Mississippi 50
100miles: 25h49min18sec, 2008 Angeles Crest 100

Upcoming Races 2014

5k and 10k sometime this winter
Mississippi 50mi, March 1st Laurel, MS
Miwok 100k, May 2nd Sausalito, CA (lottery pending)
Hardrock 100mi, July 11th, Silverton, CO (lottery pending)
Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, August 29th, Chamonix, France (lottery pending)

Race Results

Ultra Marathon Race Time Overall Place Division Place Photos From the Race
2006 La Jolla Half Marathon 1h 30min 38sec 78th 6th Male 20-25 None
2006 Bishop High Sierra 50 Miler 10h 28min 41sec 20th 2nd Male 20-29 Bishop 50 Miler Photos
2007 Greenland 50K 4h 46min 49sec 12th 1st Male 20-29 Greenland 50K Photos
2007 San Juan Solstice 50 Miler 11h 58min 50sec 32nd 7th Male 25-29 San Juan Solstice Photos
2007 Leadville Trail 100 28h 55min 57sec 153rd 13th Male 25-29 Leadville 100 Photos
2007 Rodeo Beach 50K 4h 58min 15sec 6th 1st Male <30 Rodeo Beach 50K Photos
2008 Moab Red Hot 50K+ 5h 22min 8sec 28th 17th Male <40 Moab Red Hot 50K Photos
2008 Spring Desert Ultra 10h 36min 46sec 15th 5th Male <35 Spring Desert 50miler Photos
2008 Inaggural Crazy Legs 10K+ 48min 41sec 2nd 2nd Male None
2008 Laramie Double Marathon 8h53min 4th 3rd male Laramie Double Photos
2008 San Juan Solstice 11h28min09sec 27th ?? San Juan Solstice Report(link to photos)
2008 Angeles Crest 100 25h49min18sec 22th 1st male <30 Angeles Crest Report(link to photos)
2008 Rodeo Beach 50K 4h47min14sec 3rd 1st male <30 None
2009 Moab Red Hot 50K+ 5h16min13sec 19th 12th male <40 Moab Red Hot Photos
2009 Horsetooth Half Marathon 1h32min10sec as Michelle Bell 37th 3rd Male 25-29 None
2009 Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50K 5h57min32sec 4th 1st Snowshoe Dirty Thirty 50K Photos
2009 24h Boulder 64.3miles 16h51min Tie 9th NA None
2010 TNF Bear Mt 50miler 9h50min22sec 18th overall NA Bear Mt 50miler Photos
2010 Western States 100 26h44min34sec 178th overall NA Western States 100 Photos
2010 Blue Sky Marathon 3h57min14sec 3rd overall NA None
2011 Moab Red Hot 55K 5h29min20sec 33rd overall NA Moab Red Hot 55K
2011 Bighorn 100 26h08min14sec 18rd overall 2nd Male 20-29 Bighorn 100 Photos, Bighorn 100 Video
2011 Bear 100 26h19min49sec 33rd overall NA Bear 100 Photos, Bear 100 Video
2012 Moab Red Hot 5h09min49sec 25th overall NA Moab Adventures 2 Photos
2012 Spring Desert Ultra 50 8h56min40sec 5th overall 1st <35 Coming Soon
2012 Nolans 14 Completion 57h27min14sec 7th Finisher Ever 2nd Fastest Time Photos , Trip Report
2012 IMTUF 100 26h57min15sec 3rd Overall NA Photos
2013 Red Hot 55k 5h33min44sec 65th Overall NA Photos
2013 Mississippi 50 7h29min07sec 1st Overall NA Photos
2013 Quadrock 50 10h23min29sec 39th Overall NA Race Report
2013 UTMB 19h09min41sec DNF NA Race Report
2013 Canyon de Chelly 55k 5h19min30sec 8th Overall NA Race Report, Photos

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