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Capitol Pk-Snowmass Connection

What better way to kick off the summer of 2012 mountain running season, but with an insanely long, seldom traveled 14er connection. Capitol Peak and Snowmass Mt are two of the most well known and stunning mountains in the Elks Range near Aspen, CO. Capitol’s serrated ridge is infamous among 14er climbers, and one of my favorite routes. I’d planned contemplated this route for many years, but never got up the nerve and found the time until July 21st, 2012. I set off from the Maroon-Snowmass trailhead for a long day of running, scrambling and climbing. In the end, 10h44min later I had set a new FKT for the combo, and was damn tired for it. Below is my trip report from the adventure.

Capitol-Snowmass Connection